Friday, 3 October 2008

US Vice Presidential debate: Biden and Palin

Caught the last 40 minutes of the debate live on SBS TV.

No major booboos to speak of from Sarah Palin, she appeared to acquit herself very well, even getting a few laughs, some smiles and joke or two between her and Joe Biden.

The debate seemed much more dynamic than the first Presidential debate, and Palins' minders certainly prepared her well.

She showed herself to be a quick study, and although she hasn't got the years of exposure to the legislative process that Biden or McCain have to call on, she was able to present the "John McCain maverick ticket" mantra with enough conviction and variety in delivery, that Republicans should be reassured that McCain made an inspired left field choice and that she's capable of doing the job; and Democratics should now be on notice that she's a contender.

Is she ready?  You betcha!  Even if the ticket doesn't win in November, I think there's every chance Sarah Palin will be in Washington soon enough, should she choose to do so.

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