Friday, 16 November 2007

Traffic lights and take aways

My small country town recently got its first set of traffic lights - to control pedestrians! People using a zebra crossing between two shopping precincts, strolling across the road without due regard for road traffic, often resulted in vehicles backing up though a major roundabout during peak times, so the local council put in traffic lights to control the foot traffic . Is this unusual? It may not be, but I find it amusing. Oh, and how do you know you live in a country town? I reckon it's when you still have at least 1 stand alone shop front butcher, our town has 3. How do you know when the "big smoke" has discovered your country town? When you've got a Thai or Indian or Japanese restaurant that also does takeaways. We've got 2, 1,1 respectively. ;-)

Not The Daily Show, With Some Writer

As Mr Redstone said "Getting paid is the name of the game".

Pay up you cheap skates!