Friday, 19 October 2007

Australian Federal Election 2007

"I am their leader, they are my people, which way did they go? I must follow them!" My YouTube playlist dedicated to the event, with policy announcements, "Pick Me Pick Me" pleas, mainly from the Greens and Australian Democrats, because theyre the only ones that really have their eyes on the future as far as I'm concerned, And the major parties are going to do their best to muscle them out. Plus original youtuber commentary posts, and the usual suspects like Chaser and comedians. Because lets face it, if it wasn't so serious, you'd have to larf -right? Make your vote count - learn how to preference your vote at the AEC page about it. And if you're really desperate to see how the "major" parties are going, check out my YouTube subscription list, they're in there with everything else I'm interested in. admin edit 24/06/08: YT playlist deleted.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Tag lines

It is so easy and so much fun posting YouTube vids up here. I might have to change my tag line soon.

The Games - Sorry

John Howard says sorry. Sorry, wrong number .... Of for the love of .... John, just say sorry OK?! What a great show, so many talented Aussies (and expat Kiwis). And Gina Reilly before Kim (look at me, look at me ....)

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The House of C'mons

So did a G blog search for "environmental activism" for Blog Action Day, and came across Dizzythinks and this YouTube post. Almost sprayed my monitor with the dregs of my caffeine addiction.

Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day Ok, so it's already the 16th where I live, but it's the fifteenth where you live, right? So Cassie's post is the environmental contribution, and if you feel she's too bleak, well, check out the action day, lot's of hope, optimism and solutions there.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Vote 1 Democrats!

This election choose common sense and return the balance of power in the Senate to safe independent hands - re-elect Andrew Bartlett to the Senate.

Climate change skeptics

Gulp. Tipping Point Already Reached, Ten Years Early? October 10, 2007 Honestly FIM, you must be psychic! So what to do? Here are a few of the easier and painless solutions available now. 1. Solar hotwater on *EVERY* roof - no solar HW - No aircon. 2. Car free days for people who sit in offices working, with FREE hub and spoke public transport connections 3. Ban dark federation tile roof styles (I hate the sub-divisions with black rooves and not a solar HW system in sight!), and use UV solar blocker paint 4. Carbon Cops show on ABC TV showed how every household reduced their carbon footprint by at least 50%, doing the simple things we can all do. So what are we waiting for .... the Government to help? ROTFLMAO! Of course, there are lots more solutions out there, just pick one and go with it. And that includes voting for candidates and political parties who aren't "Johnnie come lately" to tree hugging, or are outright Climate Change Skeptics (and one would presume, also associate members of the Flat Earth Society). Personally, I think we're doomed and it's all over bar the shouting, but like the saying goes, "Even if I knew the world was going to end tomorrow, I'd still plant a tree today". I planted a tree today, how'd you go?