Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sharp Dressed Man - Wil Anderson

Sometimes, you just can't help but realise that the suit maketh the man, especially on telly.

In this instance, it's Wil Anderson, Aussie standup comedian and host of ABC TV shows "The Glass House" (defunct) and "The Gruen Transfer".

While Wils' style can usually best be described as casual, for Gruen, he (or his stylist/s) decided to pull out all the stops, and dress up so sharp that you can almost hear Savile Row cheering.

Related: Monster mash gives ad boss nightmares -The Age, 26/06/08.
More than 6000 spoof ads made by viewers have been uploaded to the website for an ABC television series about the advertising industry, delivering the state broadcaster the kind of viewer participation that would be the envy of the commercial world.