Friday, 1 August 2008

Ooooh quick - jump out the window dag NAB it.

From the International Herald Tribune ...

National Australia Bank, the top lender in that nation, booked another 830 million Australian dollars in losses from its exposure to U.S. mortgages, sending its stock plunging on Friday to its biggest single-day percentage drop in nearly 21 years. ... more ...

Yes, because an interim half yearly profit in excess of $2 billion, just isn't good enough, is it?

Maybe I'm cynical, or just been around long enough to have "been there seen that", but honestly, all this angst over the US sub prime and global "credit crisis" from supposed experts, would be laughable if it wasn't so potentially serious. (Bolting horses and all that.)

Anyone reading this old enough to remember when companies used to announce a half year or annual loss, with barely a ripple in the markets?

Ah yes, the good old days, when people used a thing called perspective (wiki).

What's Up on Planet Earth? The Circle Game.

My friend bellizimo (EBAY profile) is visiting.

We are able to provide each other with mutual support and commiserations regards our long term ball and chains, exchange ideas and views, and learn from each other. She pointed me to one of her favourite web sites, which had a special page on African issues like Darfur, and with this profile;

African Relief - What's Up on Planet Earth?

Liberia, Another Story

In November of 2005, Liberia elected a new president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Africa's first female head of state. After 14 years of civil war, this first democratically elected female president is bringing with her a tremendous amount of feminine energy. Devoted to creating peace and rebuilding Liberia, she has a huge task at hand, but so far, is making great progress.

She is committed to re-connecting Liberia with the international community, empowering women, and ensuring that Liberia’s prior war lord, Charles Taylor, stands trial in Sierra Leone for his role in supporting the reign of terror campaign, and for his crimes against humanity.

The Darfur link took me to the web site of the ICG, International Crisis Group, which I've been aware of since Gareth Evans (WIKI) joined it nearly a decade ago.

There are some interesting articles and papers in his extensive biography (ICG), including this one: "How to secure peace in Liberia", Comment by Gareth Evans and Comfort Ero in The Observer from June 29 2003.

Round and round we go in The Circle Game.