Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Wil Wheaton brings back sheepish memories

I've followed Wil Wheaton online for a few years now.

Today's post, WWdN: In Exile: pour it in my hand for a dime, apart from relating a current painful event, includes a funny from Youtube which reminded me of the time our family had a pet sheep that needed shearing.

Back in the sixties and seventies, it was common to have large enough suburban blocks, that you could have a vege garden, a couple of fruit trees, keep a few chooks and maybe even other assorted animals, like a pet sheep.

Sheep shearers on the other hand, weren't thatcommon in the city, especially during sheep shearing season around New Zealand and Australia, so it took a while to track one down.

When we did, if memory serves me correctly, the phone call went something like this:

Me: "We're looking for a shearer to shear our sheep, how much will it cost?"
Shearer: "How many sheep do you have?"
Me: "One".
Shearer: "One hundred sheep will be $x per sheep".
Me: "No, not one hundred sheep, just ONE sheep".
Shearer: long pause .... "Does it have a name?"

He did come around to our house to shear "Buttons", and I think, just to prove to all his mates in the shearing shed the following season, brought a friend along to watch.

He used traditional hand shearing blades, and took away a good load of wool to boot. Afterward, Buttons looked positively shorn, and was leaping around the yard as shorn sheep are wont to do. (See Sheep 201).

It probably still gets the shearer a good laugh around the sheds.

P.S. Commiserations Wil, hope the rib heals quickly.

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