Monday, 14 July 2008

Blow up the pokies

It will be interesting to see what impact Nick Xenophon will have in the Federal Senate, and whether the states can be weened off pokies revenue.

Blow Up The Pokies, The Whitlams. (You Tube)

"And I wish I could shine you the right words, to blow up the pokies and drag them away.
Because they're taking the food off the table, so they can say that the trains run on time".

I think the pokies should have another series of motivating sounds and audio effects, rather like the voice overs in computer games like PGA Golf; you know, things like "ooh - that must've hurt", "this is a run of bad luck, isn't it?", and more pointed "LOSER!", "Have you eaten yet?", "Shouldn't you go home now?", included along with the happy tinkly fun sounds.

Oh, and the sound of maniacal laughter after each losing hand. And an occasional syrupy "Thank you for your generous contribution to the state's revenue base" whenever the mug punter feeds more credits into the machine.

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