Friday, 19 October 2007

Australian Federal Election 2007

"I am their leader, they are my people, which way did they go? I must follow them!" My YouTube playlist dedicated to the event, with policy announcements, "Pick Me Pick Me" pleas, mainly from the Greens and Australian Democrats, because theyre the only ones that really have their eyes on the future as far as I'm concerned, And the major parties are going to do their best to muscle them out. Plus original youtuber commentary posts, and the usual suspects like Chaser and comedians. Because lets face it, if it wasn't so serious, you'd have to larf -right? Make your vote count - learn how to preference your vote at the AEC page about it. And if you're really desperate to see how the "major" parties are going, check out my YouTube subscription list, they're in there with everything else I'm interested in. admin edit 24/06/08: YT playlist deleted.

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